Are Online Slots Really Random?

Online slots are said to be random due to the included RNG. In an online casino, slots come with computer software to generate random numbers to determine the games' outcome. You can confirm this randomness at .

An Overview of Random Number Generators

All slots are attached to random number generators. So, after initiating the game, the random number generator will pick a random number. The software of every slot game will use RNG to identify the winning combination.

  • The picked number is either the winning or losing spin
  • Reels will spin and stop according to the chosen outcome

Of course, there are a lot of slot machines that includes bonus features and bonus games. The moment you tap on the start button will determine whether or not you will trigger the bonus.

How Random Number Generator Works

It seems artless because RNGs work by randomly picking numbers. Perhaps, one of the things you may not be accustomed to is that a random number generator is inserted to every online slot game.

To be precise, we are talking about the online slots at reputable casinos. Yes, these games are independently checked and verified to ensure they are both fair and random before giving them to the players.

The Impact of Symbols in Slot Games

Keep in mind that the slot games are not just a matter of winning or losing the games. There is a lot of work involved in the games. The game consists of symbols that determine what players win.

  • The amount won will be displayed when the system picks a specific number

Most of you are aware of the frustration that comes up after losing on the jackpot. There is no need to be frustrated as the random number generator is activated the very moment you tap the start button.

How RTP Affects the Online Slots

In addition to the RNG, let us go through the RTP (return to player), which is a crucial part of each slot experience. Here is where things start to become quite complex to the casino amateurs.

Simply, RTP defines the number of times a slot machine will pay out over a given period. It's often written as a percentage. For instance, if the slot contains 96% RTP, the slot wins 4% for every dollar.

The Final Take

At the end of the day, it is worth noting that whether online or offline, the slots are manufactured by humans. What this means is that they can come with some flaws. Still, slots are wholly random.

  • Ensure you join a regulated and licensed online casino

If you happen to come across a casino that doesn't guarantee the randomness of the stakes, please let the operator and regulator know. This way, the matter will be dealt with instantly and you'll have a fair game.